Grisi Organics: Amplifying Brand Awareness


Grisi Organics Amplifying Brand Awareness


Grisi Organics, a company dedicated to making hair and body care products with natural and organic ingredients, faced the challenge of amplifying brand awareness around its new fragrances and benefits. To achieve this, they decided to develop a campaign on the Instagram and TikTok platforms, carefully selecting talents who identified with the brand’s values and interests.

Strategy and Execution

The campaign strategy was based on the creation of creative and dynamic content that included calls to action (CTAs) to encourage interest in Grisi Organics products. Influencers and content creators with an audience aligned with the brand were selected to generate engaging and relevant content for platform users.


The campaign was a great success, achieving a reach of over 3.7 million users during the execution period. This allowed Grisi Organics to amplify its brand goal during the peak seasons of Holy Week and Hot Sale.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Reach: +3.7 million users
  • Engagement Rate (ER): 3.90% organic and 2% paid
  • Positive Comments: High number of positive comments on campaign posts

Analysis and Conclusions

Grisi Organics’ Instagram and TikTok campaign was a resounding success, achieving the goals of amplifying brand awareness and generating interest in new products. The selection of the right talents, the creation of engaging content, and the monitoring of KPIs allowed the company to obtain tangible results and improve its presence on digital platforms.

Lessons Learned

  • Selecting the right talents is essential for the success of an influencer marketing campaign.
  • Creative and dynamic content is essential to capture audience attention and generate engagement.

KPIs tracking is crucial to measure campaign performance and make adjustments as needed.

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Bladimir Sánchez

Bladimir Sánchez

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