Bringing joy to children during the 2023 Holidays


Bringing Joy And Solidarity To The Holidays

In Alkimiads, we understand the importance of the holiday season and the spirit of solidarity that accompanies it. As influencers, we feel committed to using our influencing power to generate a positive impact on society and help those who need it the most. For this reason, we decided to do a special activity for children in a neighborhood in Latin America.

It was a resounding success! We gave away hotdogs and other delicious foods to fill the children’s bellies with happiness. But we didn’t stop there, we also gave them a shower of candy and sweets that sweetened their smiles and left a magical taste in their memories.

The afternoon was an explosion of laughter and fun. The children enjoyed different games and activities led by our staff. There was no room for boredom, only for the laughter and joy that took over the neighborhood.

Bravo to our team and their solidarity spirit, we showed that we can have a positive impact on society. This experience will remain engraved in our and the children’s hearts. It reminds us that love and solidarity are key ingredients to create a better future for everyone.

Let’s keep working together to build a better world!

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Bladimir Sánchez

Bladimir Sánchez

Bladimir Sánchez is the father of four and grandfather of two. He has been writing for 7 years, and his hobby is reading. In love with his wife for 35 years, he has in God and her the support he needs to overcome any hardships.

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