Learn how to leverage organic positioning to expand your company


Learn How To Leverage Organic Positioning To Expand Your Company

In the world of search engines, the most successful businesses are the ones that appear among the first search results. This is because two out of three users get the information they are looking for from the search engine’s first page (according to research conducted by different marketing professionals worldwide).

We’ve all wondered how to get our company’s website to the top of the results of the searches made by prospective clients looking for information about your goods or services. One invaluable technique that will help you achieve this goal is organic positioning. Are you curious about the methods behind it and how a marketing consultancy company may use it to expand your clientele? If you’re interested, keep reading!

What is organic search or organic positioning?

There are two ways to appear among the first results of search engines: paying advertising to those search engines or creating organic content that allows us to have a better organic positioning.

Organic positioning refers to a series of techniques used to optimize the text of your web page to make it appear among the first results of search engines. As we said before, users usually open the first websites they find when making an online search, so this will be favorable for our business.

When you implement these techniques, search engines will recognize your web page as relevant and valuable, and as a result, will place it among the first results, causing a growth of traffic to our site in a natural way, meaning we will have more opportunities to convert visitors into customers.

How can a marketing consultancy agency help my organic placement?

The first thing to know is how people search for information about your product or service online. To achieve this, the marketing agency will perform research using specialized websites and tools to determine the keywords for your niche.

Once the keywords are determined, the agency will also research the topics people search for online. With this information, the articles written for your site will be relevant, attractive, and with the necessary characteristics for different search engines to take your site into account and gradually climb to the top positions.

Of course, this will not happen overnight; it takes time to be considered an authority in any niche by search engines. Some of the factors most search engines weigh include user interactions, shares on social media, and backlinks. So remember this, and do not despair if you feel your website takes too long to rank.

marketing specialist helping a client
A SEO expert can help your website get a better organic positioning

Tips to boost your keyword research process:

  1. Identify the main topics related to your product or service.
  2. Find a list of keywords related to those topics.
  3. Analyze the search volume and competition for each keyword.
  4. Select the most appropriate keywords for your website.
  5. Once you have a list of keywords, use them to optimize your titles, meta descriptions, content, and other elements. This will help search engines identify your website as relevant to user queries and rank it higher in search results.

In addition to keyword research, there are other organic SEO techniques that we can use to improve our website’s visibility in search engines, such as:

  • Title and meta-description optimization: Write attractive and relevant titles and
  • meta descriptions that include the previously identified keywords.
  • Publish high-quality content: Fill your website with informative, relevant, attractive, and frequently updated content for your target audience.
  • Image optimization: Optimize the images on your website to make them load quickly and add relevant alt tags to help search engines identify them.
  • Link building: Get links from high-quality websites that point to yours to grow your image as an authority in your industry.

Organic SEO is a long-term process, but it is crucial for any business that wants to succeed online. By investing time and effort in organic SEO, you will be able to improve the visibility of your web page in search engines, attract more traffic to your site, and increase your sales.

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Bladimir Sánchez

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